Job Placement - Benefits

The biggest benefit, is access to many jobs that are not necessarily advertised in the usual places. Many of the positions we recruit for are confidential. Our client's trust us to successfully find them the right candidate for thier position.

No Fee

There is never a fee to any applicant for temporary or fultime placement.


When you work for Arrowmac, you get paid on a weekly basis.


Arrowmac is your employer of record and will take care of all payroll issues and issue you a W2 at the end of the year.

Direct Deposit of Payroll

Arrowmac pay dates are weekly on Thursday and we encourage employees to use the direct deposit option for their paycheck.

Referral Pay

Due to the overwhelming response to our recruitment efforts, our referral program has been discontinued until further notice.

Free Banking

Wells Fargo™ offers free banking to all Arrowmac employees that opt for the direct deposit of their paychecks. Call Arrowmac for Wells Fargo contact information.